Windows 2000 Allows Elevated Privleges

Windows 2000 Allows Elevated Privileges
Reported June 15 by

Windows 2000 platforms


A vulnerability exists in Windows 2000 that could allow aan intruder to gain elevated privileges on a system that person can physically log onto at the keyboard.

According to Microsoft"s bulletin on the matter "in Windows 2000 a hierarchy of container objects is used to separate processes. Every session contains one or more windows stations; every windows station contains one or more desktops. By design, processes are constrained to run within a windows station, and the threads in the process run in one or more desktops. A process in one windows station should not be able to access desktops belonging to another windows station. However, due to an implementation error, this could happen under very specific circumstances."


Microsoft is aware of this matter and has released a patch to correct the problem. Be sure to read Support Online article Q260197

Discovered and reported by Microsoft

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