Where are macro-related commands?

Help! I can't find macro options!

You'll find macro options on the Ribbon, on the Developer tab, which is hidden by default. In Word 2007, Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office Access 2007, and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, you can do the following to make the Developer tab visible:

  1. Click the Office button.
  2. Select Application Options, whereApplication is the name of the Office application in which you want to display the Developer tab (e.g., if you're in Word, click Word Options. If you're in Excel, click Excel Options).
  3. In the Popular section, select Show the Developer Tab on the Ribbon.

However, the Developer tab has many commands that most power users don't use regularly, so you might want to add commands for recording and viewing macros to your Quick Access toolbar instead and keep the Developer tab hidden. (For information about customizing the Quick Access toolbar, see the article, Where can I put custom shortcuts?.)

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