Using Icacls to Show Which Files Users or Groups Can Access

Q: How can I get a report of all the files on a server that a given user or group has access to?

A: You can get such a report by using the Icacls tool in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003 SP2. Icacls is the new enhanced version of Cacls, which is now deprecated. Run the command

Icacls c:\*.* /findsid acme\salesreps /T /C

which tells Icacls to search the ACL of each file starting at the root of the C drive and report any access control entries (ACEs) in which acme\salesreps is the subject. The /T switch tells Icacls to recurse from the root down so that the entire volume is analyzed. The /C switch tells Icacls to keep searching if it encounters any errors on files that you don't have Read access to. For more information about Icacls, see Toolbox, "Icacls," May 2007,

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