USENIX Opens Proceedings To All

USENIX, an association that is well-known for its highly technical conferences, has opened all of its conference proceedings to the public.

Founded in 1975, USENIX is a membership-based group of scientists, engineers, and administrators, and technicians all of whom work on computing technologies. Each year USENIX holds several conferences that consist of presentations that are often on the bleeding edge of computing evolution. Many of the conferences include detailed research that centers around security, however such research has typically not been available to non-members.

However this month USENIX announced that it has opened up online access to all of its past proceedings. Anyone can access materials from the proceedings, including whitepapers and audio recordings of various presentations.

"This is relevant to us working with computer security, as Usenix Security Symposiums have been among the best technical conferences on the topic anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, most of the published material has only been accessible to Usenix members," wrote Mikko Hyppönen, chief research officer at F-Secure.

Access to the proceedings can be obtained by visiting the USENIX library Web site.

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