Two Guides: Windows XP Security and Wireless Authentication

Microsoft recently published its " Windows XP Security Guide ," which offers both instruction and a set of tools (several documents, templates, and scripts) that can help you better secure Windows XP systems whether they are part of an Active Directory (AD) domain or are standalone systems. The guide also offers advice about configuring  XP in environments that require "an extremely high level of security in which application compatibility or usability may be constrained."

The company also published a second step-by-step guide (in Word format), "Obtaining and Installing a VeriSign WLAN Server Certificate for PEAP-MS-CHAP v2 Wireless Authentication," which explains how to obtain certificates from Verisign using a custom Web application built by Verisign specifically for Internet Authentication Service (IAS) users and how to configure IAS to use the certificates for wireless connectivity authentication.

Both guides are available for download at the company's Download Center Web site.

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