Trust Digital Secures Smart Phones

Trust Digital released version 7.3 of its Smartphone Security software. The new version introduces smart card logon and secure messaging controls.

"Smartphone security is an important extension of public and private sector security initiatives, requiring the same level of data protection placed on laptops, particularly as enterprise mobility expands to include open platform systems. However, smartphones represent a new challenge," said a spokesperson for the company.

The new smart card logon feature provides two-factor authentication via an integrated Bluetooth card reader. The messaging controls allows an administrator to disable or enable features such as text or multimedia messaging for all incoming or outgoing messages. Users can also digitally sign or encrypt email sent from a smart phone.

Another feature, IP Communications Manager, includes a firewall to supervise traffic to and from the device; protects email, IM, and Web browsing; and can leverage the use of content-filtering systems located in a company's datacenter. Trust Digital said that the software can also seamlessly integrate with Active Directory to help simplify deployment and configuration.

Smartphone Security works on a variety of smart phones, including devices from Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

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