Targeting The Top Brass

Phishing scams took a decidedly direct aim at CEO's this week using a scare tactic that would in many cases lead some to at least check out a link in an email message.

Cyveillance revealed that its president and CEO received a sophisticated phishing email tha instructed him to appear in a U.S. court on May 7, 2008. The email message contained a link to allegedly download a subpoena for specific information. How's that for an attempt to scare someone into submission?

When recipient visits the link a message says that the case has been closed, which probably comes as a relief (if not a puzzling one at that) to the visitor. However, when the page is display a Trojan downloader is loaded onto the victim's computer. According to Cyveillance the downloader isn't detected by the most anti-malware solutions. Ouch.

You can read more about this and seen some very convincing screenshots in Cyveillance's blog.

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