Stay on Top of the Latest Malware Threats

Stay on Top of the Latest Malware Threats

The revamped Microsoft Malware Encyclopedia web site has some hidden value. 

The look-and-feel for Microsoft's Malware Encyclopedia has been updated along with the Malware Protection Center web site. And, while it's great to have a searchable encyclopedia online, there's actually better value provided on the revamped site than just the searchable database. Also, on the page, Microsoft provides the top 10 for Recently Published threats, Top Detected threats, Top malware and potentially unwanted software, Top MSRT threats, Top families of threats, and then they highlight a specific family of threats if you want to learn more about malware. 

The specific familyof threats is actually a pretty neat feature, allowing you to learn more about what the malware threat does, how serious it is, and where it comes from. For example, did you know that the Win32/Zbot is a family of trojans that is created/generated by kits known as "Zeus" that are bought and sold on the cyberworld black market? This kind of knowledge could make you the Cliff Clavin of IT, for sure.

But, I think the most value from the Malware Encyclopedia site is really the RSS feeds that are provided, allowing you to get a quick glance about the top threats in your favorite RSS reader.

Here's what's available:

  • Recently published:  RSS
  • Top detected threats: RSS
  • Top malware and potentially unwanted software: RSS
  • Top MSRT threats:  RSS

RSS is still my favorite way to consume information, other than email. However, if you don't utilize RSS feeds yet, or subscribe to too many already, you can always just visit the site.

Here's the link:  Microsoft Malware Encyclopedia


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