SonicWALL Announces Next Generation of Security Appliances

SonicWALL announced its next generation of Internet security appliances, setting a new price and performance bar among competing products. The new appliances feature the company's CyberSentry security processor, which provides application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC)-based acceleration and high-performance throughput and which includes more memory and more concurrent connections than previous versions, bandwidth management, and a serial port for out-of-band device management.

"At a time when the industry is embracing VPN connectivity, our products deliver increased connection throughput by an order of magnitude," said Tom Furlong, SonicWALL senior vice president of marketing and engineering. "The new CyberSentry security processor clearly extends our product leadership, giving us a significant performance advantage."

The new product line includes SonicWALL TELE3, SOHO3, PRO 100, PRO 200 and PRO 300. SonicWALL products are Internet Computer Security Association (ICSA)-certified, stateful packet-inspection firewalls that filter content and protect against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. In addition, the products support accelerated VPN technology, antivirus protection, enhanced Web-content filtering, vulnerability assessment, and strong authentication using digital certificates.

Pricing for the new product line ranges from $495 to $3995. Users can find price and capability comparisons on the company's Web site.

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