Shavlik Technologies Releases HFNetChkPro

Shavlik Technologies has released HFNetChkPro, a tool that checks Microsoft systems for installed and missing hotfixes. The tool is based on Microsoft's Hfnetchk utility, which Shavlik developed, and combines Hfnetchk's GUI with the ability to scan specific machines for the hotfix status of chosen services and software. For example, users can scan systems running a user-defined set of services or scan systems running only one particular service. The tool can also perform server-only or workstation-only scans. In addition, the product can scan to determine whether systems have loaded specific hotfixes.

The GUI lets users quickly tailor HFNetChkPro to perform scans against one system or a range of systems. Users can also run the tool from the command line. HFNetChkPro offers customizable reporting features, stores reports for reference to avoid having to rescan the system to reexamine information, and keeps a complete scan history.

Pricing for HFNetChkPro is available by calling 1-800-690-6911 or by sending an email request to [email protected] Visit the Shavlik Web site for more information. You can download Hfnetchk tool from Microsoft's Web site.

TAGS: Windows 8
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