Security Book Available Online for Free

When it comes to free stuff, I'm just like Andy Rooney: I find that, in most cases, free stuff simply costs too much, so I usually shy away from free offers. But once in a blue moon, people actually do give something away without asking for anything in return, and today is one of those times.

29th Street Press, Windows NT Magazine, and NTSecurity.NET are pleased to announced that our book "Internet Security with Windows NT" is now available on the Web in its entirety, absolutely free, with no strings attached.

"Internet Security with Windows NT" covers NT security as it pertains to TCP/IP-based networks and is largely geared for novice or moderately knowledgeable administrators. The book is a collective effort by some notable names in the security industry, including myself, Bill Hamilton, Marcus Ranum, Peter Carden, Andy Baron, and several others. The book covers a wide array of security information that leaves the reader with a solid security foundation to build additional knowledge upon.

Why did we put the book online for free? Because Windows NT Magazine wants to provide IT professionals with even more high quality and timely online technical content. Ultimately, we feel that living, Web-based books are the best way to provide the most up-to-date material on technical subject matters. And because our goal is to provide the quality technical material you need to get your job done better, the release of "Internet Security with Windows NT" on the Web is the next step toward that goal.

Although the online version of the book is the same as the original print version, we'll continue to update the content of the book with the latest relevant material. We also have hardcopy versions of the book available for those of you that want a professionally printed and bound version.

We hope you enjoy using the online book, which you can find here. Please let me know what you think of our effort, and drop me a line with any suggestions you have for improving the book's content or the Web site in general. Until next time, have a great week!

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