Patch Tuesday: Not Hours Old, Skype for Business Has Its First Patch

Patch Tuesday: Not Hours Old, Skype for Business Has Its First Patch

Microsoft has put a lot of effort into its rebranding of Lync to Skype for Business. The strategy kicked off in October 2014 and the company kept with it, delivering tidbits of news along the way with an eventual deadline. Finally, today the company is rolling out a transformative update that will forever change Lync to Skype for Business. No matter how you slice it, the new name just doesn't roll off the tongue quite right. But, Microsoft has never been really good at product naming.

However, given Microsoft's history of patch delivery followed quickly by patch recall, the Skype for Business update needs to break from the past and be successful.

With this in mind, it's interesting to see that the Skype for Business update already has its own update.

The Skype for Business update is KB2889923. However, though a minor thing, Microsoft has delivered its own update alongside it. KB2889853 is also available and provides a fix for the Skype for Business help window.

The two updates both say After you apply this April 14, 2015 update, Lync 2013 will be upgraded to Skype for Business, however parsing through them, KB2889923 is the full update and KB2889853 is the fix for the help system.

There are a quite a few other known issues with the Skype for Business update, but the Help problem is the only one with its own update so far. The other known issues:

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