Open Source TruCrypt 5.0 Expands Functionality

TruCrypt, an open source data encryption package, has been updated. The new version, 5.0, adds new features including full drive or partition encryption plus support for OS X.

Other new features include pre-boot authentication, increased read/write speed, and integration of SHA-512, which replaces SHA-1 hashing algorithm. The new version also includes a new GUI for Linux and changes that make the software independent of the Linux kernel version.

TruCrypt is unique in that it runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The developers said that "The newly implemented ability to encrypt system partitions and system drives provides the highest level of security and privacy \[since\] all files including any temporary files, swap files, etc., are permanently encrypted. Large amounts of potentially sensitive data that Windows records, such as the names and locations of files opened by the user, applications that the user runs, etc., are always permanently encrypted as well."

TruCrypt is available as a free download from the project's Web site.

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