More Servers Discovered Packed With Stolen Data

Between botnets, Trojans, and other exploits, plenty of data is stolen from unsuspecting users. Where does it wind up? In some cases it ends up on centralized servers run by intruders.

Back in May 2008 Finjan discovered a server containing approximately 1.4GB of stolen data. Now they've done it again.

This week Finjan said that they've found two more servers containing over 500MB of "premium data," which the company says includes private personal information stolen from healthcare providers and a major airline. Credentials were apparently stolen that could allow those in possession to connect to secure portals where patient records, passenger lists, and cargo lists are stored.

"We see that cybercriminals go after premium data that they can trade for substantial profit. The increase in Web-based attacks is staggering. Industry figures include a growth of more than 200% of Web-based malware, with an increase of over 800% in backdoor and password-stealing malware, illustrating that sensitive corporate and medical are at risk," said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CTO of Finjan.

The company said they discovered the servers, which are located in Argentina and Malaysia, through the use of their real-time code inspection technology while monitoring end-user Web traffic.

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