Microsoft Adds Updates the Day Before Patch Tuesday

Microsoft Adds Updates the Day Before Patch Tuesday

When first released on February 6, 2014, the Advanced Notification for February 2014 contained only 5 updates. However, just today, Microsoft has added 2 more patches to the list releasing tomorrow.

Its great news to hear Microsoft is being so diligent to ensure critical security updates are available, however, based on Microsoft's past year of patching woes, anything added this close to the release date can't bode well for a successful Patch Tuesday. The best advice is to test, test, and then test again before deploying updates this month. But, you already knew that.

It's important to note that February's updates includes a couple critical bulletins for Windows XP. With Windows XP losing life-support on April 8, 2014, anything that Microsoft provides from here on out, with only 2 Patch Tuesdays left for the 12 year old OS, should be applied.

The updated bulletin is here: Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for February 2014              

Prepare yourself.

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