Meet Chris Betz, MSRC's New Leader

Meet Chris Betz, MSRC's New Leader

In a blog post today, Chris Betz has announced that he has assumed leadership of the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC), replacing Mike Reavey who has "moved on" to take the position of General Manager of Security Operations.

A former security practices lead at Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), Chris says he attained his experience for his new job there through "implementing the technology and following the guidance in MSRC’s bulletins, blog posts and advisories."

So, in essence, it sounds like Microsoft is bringing on a true, in-the-trenches person to manage the MSRC business. Let's hope this will bring new eyes and a new perspective to Windows Updates and Windows security. It's similar to taking a battle-tested Private, still muddy from a fox hole, and making them Field Marshal. I think this is a good move, ensuring that someone in leadership still understands what it's like for IT Pros protecting corporate resources.

Read the full announcement here: Introduction: Chris Betz, new head of MSRC

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