KB3126446 Generates a Seemingly Unending Reboot Loop

KB3126446 Generates a Seemingly Unending Reboot Loop

If Microsoft could somehow figure out how to harness energy from badly behaving OS update installs, KB3126446 could power a small city.

Released as part of security updates (MS16-017) for Patch Tuesday this month to solve vulnerabilities in its Remote Desktop display driver, the original KB article warned that multiple reboots may be needed. However, according to reports, those multiple reboots have turned into an unwelcome event for some – particularly those running Windows 7 with SP1. It’s like getting a job babysitting for a couple hours, but the parents decide to stay out all night.

Fortunately, once the reboot nightmare ends the PC is protected. It’s just getting to that point makes patchers consider giving up, thinking that the update has failed – which would leave the PC unprotected anyway.

Bottom line is that you need to stick it out and allow the patch to perform its mindless reboots to ensure the PCs are protected against the vulnerability.

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