KaVaDo Offers Web Application Security Scanner and Protection

KaVaDo announced a new Web application security scanner, ScanDo, that mimics the actions of an attacker to help identify security weaknesses. ScanDo analyzes Web site content for potential vulnerabilities in forms, Web code, and scripts. Users can also manually configure the software to assess specific Web applications.

ScanDo uses a three-stage approach to check application security that includes scanning and registering Web application structure and content, assessing the application for susceptibility of security breaches, and attacking the application to evaluate any potential security faults. ScanDo includes customizable text and HTML-based reporting that users can tailor for technical or managerial teams.

"In a rush to meet growing customer and business objective needs, Web applications are often deployed without the necessary level of protection for critical enterprise resources. KaVaDo provides the high-performance, flexible, and effective application-level security solutions necessary to ensure Web application protection," said KaVaDo CEO Tal Gilat.

KaVaDo's InterDo product protects Web applications from attack and intrusion and works hand-in-hand with ScanDo. After ScanDo has determined the categories of potential vulnerabilities that might exist in a Web application, InterDo uses that information to protect the applications. InterDo is available as an appliance or as a software-only solution. For more information about KaVaDo's products, visit the company's Web site.

TAGS: Windows 8
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