The IP Spoofer is a Trojan

TheIPSpoofer is a Back Orifice Trojan
Reported September 28, 1998 by Ken Williams


  • Windows 95/98


Ken Williams reports that the program called "" is another Back Orifice trojan masquerading as a "point & click, automagical IP spoofer". It is currently being distributed on underground web sites and is billed as the latest and greatest IP spoofing tool with a neato GUI.

| Brief Details |

file sizes
---------- 310229
Spoof.dmo 124928
IPSpoof.exe 64000

md5 checksums
MD5 (/tmp/ = 931e7e31a1e3b8ec0f519b5f846b1d31
MD5 (/tmp/Spoof.dmo) = ea44ad07faaf4352a7fda78d3a7d4563
MD5 (/tmp/IPSpoof.exe) = 4c2aa980adca9683f8e6fe23a89e53a6


This is Back Orifice with Butt Trumpet plugin.


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- Originally reported by Ken Williams
- Posted on The NT Shop on September 28, 1998
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