IMLogic and CypherGuard Team to Better Secure Instant Messaging

IMlogic and CypherGuard announced that they've teamed together to help secure instant messaging (IM) software. The companies will release a business suite that includes IMLogic's IM Manager and CypherGuard's encryption tools. The suite will provide auditing, archiving, and compliance capabilities along with strong encryption capabilities to secure messages and files that IM clients transmit. The new suite will work with MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, and AOL Instant Messenger.

IM Logic said its contribution to the suite will address concerns about "unmonitored IM usage, anonymous user-provisioned screen names, indiscriminate use of IM, security vulnerabilities, and inability to meet archiving and compliance requirements." CypherGuard said its contribution would allow strong encryption using 168-bit to 448-bit keys that are constantly changed during IM client use and won't require that users change the way they use IM software.

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