I get an error when trying to browse my domain 'Access is denied'.

A. If when trying to add users from a Windows 2000 domain to an Access Control List or a group on a Windows NT 4.0 machine you may receive error:

Unable to browse the selected domain because the following error occurred: Access is denied.

This is caused by incompatible permission settings on the Windows 2000 domain which were configured when running the DCPROMO command to create the domain.

When running DCPROMO there was a page which asked which permissions you wanted, if you selected 'Permissions compatible only with Windows 2000 servers' then you will experience this problem. To remedy add the Everyone group to the 'Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access' group and reboot the domain controller.

This can be done with the command:

C:\&gt; <b>net localgroup "Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible
Access" everyone /add</b>

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