Homeland Security Picks Microsoft, Dell

   The US Department of Homeland Security has agreed to a 6-year enterprise contract for Microsoft software that Dell will support. Dell says it will support 144,000 department employees who use Microsoft server, OS, and application software. Dell says that the contract, which is worth almost $120 million, essentially covers support only; the company won't be selling hardware to the Department of Homeland Security.
   "The contract is for Dell to manage the total desktop and server solution, including operating system, server, and office automation software like Word," a Dell spokesperson said. "Dell will also manage all upgrades, updates, and patches."
   In recent months, various US and international government contracts have vied for deals with Microsoft and different open-source companies, an interesting challenge that the software giant didn't face just a few years ago. Linux, the open-source OS challenger, recently claimed a high-profile victory in Munich, Germany, where the city opted to install Linux on 14,000 desktop systems--despite a campaign from Microsoft. Generally, Microsoft has performed well in these contests. Whether Linux was an option at the Department of Homeland Security, however, is unclear. The department appears to have simply fielded offers from various companies that offered Microsoft software support.

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