Hands On with the new Security Update Guide

Hands On with the new Security Update Guide

This past week a milestone of sorts has been passed when Microsoft pushed out their latest batch of updates for this month's Patch Tuesday because they are no longer publishing security bulletins to go along with them.

Instead a new portal has now taken the place of those former security bulletins and it is called the Security Update Guide. We have previously talked about this shift here at Windows IT Pro last November and this past March.

The roll-out of this new tool has not been without some frustration with users because while the information is there about the various updates which are issued, navigating the site and getting to that information is proving to be a challenge.

I suspect a large part of that is due to the new site itself and just the need for everyone to learn the ropes on how to navigate and find the information they are looking for about the updates.

While perusing some of my Microsoft related RSS feeds I came across what will be a great resource for everyone to get up to speed on the Security Update Guide.

In a blog post on the OnePoint Security Blog, Yurika Sensei who is the Program Manager for Customer Services and Support at Microsoft, has annotated images and other information to help you learn more about the Security Update Guide.

Security Update Guide Markdown

Head over to Yurika's blog post to see everything she has shared about the new portal.


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