Google Chrome - Yawn

You've certainly heard the news: Google released its new Chrome browser, which is based on Firefox code, Apple Webkit, and no doubt a lot of in-house code. So far it looks boring to me--but not to vulnerability researchers.

The new browser (currently in beta testing) wasn't even out for 2 days before researchers found a couple of security problems. That's to be expected though.

As for rendering, Chrome uses Apple Webkit, which of courses means that if your site looks right in Safari browser then it'll look right in Chrome.

Overall I don't see any compelling reasons to start using Chrome. Although I can see why Google wants to have a browser of their own. Sooner or later I figure they'll be pushing Web apps out the door left and right and eventually people will use some sort of 'Google Desktop' that could make operating systems rather moot for those who don't mind not having all the flexibility and freedom that comes with having a full-blown operating system.

So for example, I wouldn't be surprised to see a bootable CD that launches right into Chrome and connects to an online repository of applications and tools--all hosted by Google of course.

Meanwhile security administrators have another application to worry about.

If you're interested in some decent info about Chrome head over and read what Matt Cutts has to say about it--he works at Google and offers some useful insight.

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