Finjan Wins Patent Suit, Secure Computing Intends To Appeal

Finjan won its patent lawsuit against Secure Computing, who has been ordered to pay Finjan substantial damage awards.

In the lawsuit, which was filed in June 2006, Finjan claimed that Secure Computing's Webwasher and Cyberguard products violated no less than three Finjan patents. A jury found Finjan's claims to be valid and the court ordered Secure Computing to pay a 16 percent royalty of Webwasher software sales, 8 percent of Webwasher appliance sales, and 8 percent of CyberGuard TSP appliance sales.

In response to the suit, Mary Budge, senior vice president, secretary, and general counsel at Secure Computing said, "While we're clearly disappointed in yesterday's verdict, we firmly believe that we have substantial grounds for appeal. We are extremely motivated to challenge this result and we plan to take all the necessary steps to over-turn it."

The company intends to ask the court to set aside the ruling and if that fails then the company will file an appeal.

In related news, Secure Computing filed suit against Finjan in May 2007, claiming that the company violates load balancing patents owned by Secure Computing. The suit also acuses Finjan of unfair competition and false advertising. That case is still pending in a Delaware court.

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