Dell Encrypted Systems Blue Screening after Latest Windows Updates

Dell Encrypted Systems Blue Screening after Latest Windows Updates

UPDATE (July 14, 2014): Dell has produced a new workaround for the problem, which incorporates a preventative modification to the system's registry. The registry edit is slightly different between Windows 8 and Windows 7, so be sure to read the updated KB article for steps:  Windows update tripping Dell Data Protection | Encryption (DDP|E) System Data Encryption (SDE) anti-tampering protection. Though not confirmed yet, the Windows Update appearing to cause the actual issue is:  Vulnerability in Windows Journal Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2975689).


Dell is aware of a situation where the latest Windows updates from Patch Tuesday are causing certain Dell systems to bluescreen.

Dell is investigating the issue, but it seems that the problem is caused when the updates are installed in a group. If the updates are installed one at a time, the anti-tampering mechanisms of Dell's System Data Encryption anti-tampering protections.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 represent the operating system versions affected by the problem.

See the following support document for full information: A Blue Screen Error (BSOD) indicating that the registry is not accessible or a CMGShield recovery screen will be displayed

Workarounds are available, but according to the Dell document, support has yet to full identify the base problem.

A full KB Article is also available: Windows update causing DDPE encrypted machines to crash or BSOD

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