Counterpane Introduces New Managed Protection Service

Counterpane Internet Security introduced Counterpane Protected Service, a new managed service that helps companies address evolving security risks. The service leverages Counterpane's intelligence resources and security experts to provide comprehensive intrusion detection, prevention, and incident response.

Counterpane Protected Service includes assessment of enterprise security processes and risk factors with a technical focus on the Systems Administration and Network Security (SANS) top 20 security risks. The SANS list represents the most frequently exploited vulnerabilities that a panel of security experts determine, including Counterpane CTO Bruce Schneier and security architect Tina Bird. Assessments include analysis of a business's organization and its operational philosophies through interviews with company executives and managerial staff.

During the assessment and subsequent implementation of preventative activities, Counterpane monitors the enterprise's network from Counterpane's Secure Operations Center to guard against unwanted activity. If Counterpane detects unwanted activity, the company responds immediately in whatever manner it determines appropriate, including dispatching security teams to a company's site.

After the assessment, Counterpane provides prioritized recommendations in a report that includes an executive summary, a security report card, a risk matrix for critical systems, analysis of potential threats, analysis of security processes, analysis of vulnerabilities based on the SANS top 20 risks, prioritized recommendations for action, and an implementation plan. Counterpane then helps an enterprise implement top priority security recommendations onsite to reach an acceptable risk level, and the company conducts security-related workshops for an enterprise's staff.

Counterpane provides ongoing support through its Managed Security Monitoring Service, which monitors a company's network and quickly informs the company of any incidents or attacks. If an incident or attack occurs, Counterpane analysts help guide the company through an appropriate response. Counterpane repeats the process with an enterprise every 3 months, reassessing risks and determining new risk-mitigation recommendations.

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