Computer Associates Innoculates the Palm OS

Computer Associates (CA) announced today the release of the their new InnoculateIT for Palm OS. The new antivirus software is now available on CA's Web site and guards against nuisances such as the PalmOS.Liberty.A, PalmOS.Phage.A, and PalmOS.Vapor.A viruses.

"The Palm OS platform has become an important component of the corporate information management model, and it is critical that users manage the security and integrity of this platform like any other," said Jerry Jalaba, vice president of Enterprise and Government at Palm, Inc. "CA's extension of their InoculateIT antivirus solution to the Palm OS platform enables users to embrace mobile computing technology with a similar level of confidence they have today on PC platforms."

Free for a limited time, InnoculateIT for Palm OS sports a simple user interface as seen above. CA said the product is designed for use on handheld computers running PalmOS V3.0 or later, including most Palm III, Palm V, and Palm VII series handhelds, Palm m100 handheld, Handspring Visor and Handspring Visor Deluxe.

CA also announced today the activation of an open beta program for InoculateIT 6.0 for Windows. The beta can be downloaded from

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