Blake's Product Pick of the Week: SmartLine DeviceLock 6.1

*I receive dozens of press releases every week. This week, I've found the following product particularly interesting.

Secure and Audit Your Peripheral Ports and Removable Devices
SmartLine announced DeviceLock 6.1, security software that controls and audits the activity of all peripheral ports and removable devices using Active Directory (AD) Group Policy Objects (GPOs) and/or the DeviceLock management console. You can now configure DeviceLock to save audit records locally in protected format and using the software's new security features, you can safely store audit logs by not allowing the logs to be edited or deleted. Also new to DeviceLock is a policy template feature that lets you establish a policy file that can be saved, exported, and imported for later use with any DeviceLock console. DeviceLock also detects USB keyloggers and blocks any keyboards connected to them. Pricing for DeviceLock starts at $35 for a single-computer license. For more information, contact SmartLine at 866-668-5625.

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