Best Security Products - 09 Sep 2002

Panda Software won its first of two Readers' Choice Awards for two client-side antivirus software products.

Panda Antivirus Platinum is a desktop antivirus solution that offers maximum protection against more than 62,000 viruses. Platinum offers automatic daily updates of the virus signature files, ensuring complete daily protection from the latest virus threats. The product's technology is Winsock-compatible, allowing it to detect and disinfect any virus that uses the Internet as an entry point (e.g., Web pages, email) before the virus reaches the hard disk. The advanced virus scan engine and heuristic scan capabilities provide users with protection against viruses of all types. Platinum's advanced configuration options allow it to meet the ever-changing security needs of the user.

Panda Antivirus Titanium is a desktop solution designed for users who want unbeatable antivirus protection with an easy-to-use interface. Titanium performs updates behind the scenes every time a user logs onto the Internet and it rapidly detects and eliminates more than 62,000 viruses of all types. Advanced script heuristic scans allow Titanium to detect unknown or potentially dangerous viruses even if they are not in the virus signature files. With the new SmartClean technology, Titanium can repair the damage done to systems by the most recent worms and Trojans.

Panda Software
Glendale, CA
(818) 543-6901
Price: Platinum, $29.95; Titanium, $24.95

Our readers chose Network Associates' McAfee NetShield for Windows as the best choice for server-side antivirus software.

NetShield for Windows, an antivirus solution for Microsoft Windows servers, combines advanced virus-scanning technology with powerful management capabilities. The product supports Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows 2000 Datacenter Server.

NetShield scans all files in real time, supporting all major file compression formats and detecting infected files transmitted to and from servers, while scanning for viruses that may already exist in other server locations. Once detected, the infected file can be automatically cleaned, quarantined, or deleted. McAfee's flexible alerting features provide precise control over who is notified, and what message they receive when infected files are detected. In addition, NetShield's powerful central policy management and reporting console gives you complete control over all protected servers from any server or workstation.

Network Associates, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA
(888) 847-8766
Price: Call for detailed pricing information.

Network Associates captured a second Readers' Choice Award for its wireless antivirus protection product: McAfee VirusScan Wireless.

McAfee VirusScan, which provides comprehensive virus security for mobile and handheld devices, supports PalmOS, PocketPC (WindowsCE), and Symbian (EPOC) platforms. Every time a portable device connects to your network or synchronizes with your PC, it's almost like a floppy disk being inserted into a computer--you don't know where it's been or what infections it might carry.

As millions of users turn to these powerful, pocket-sized devices, the threat of infection through PDAs increases. McAfee VirusScan Wireless makes use of the same award-winning engine technology used by all McAfee antivirus products, providing the best way to guard against that threat today and in the future.

Network Associates, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA
(888) 847-8766
Price: Call for detailed pricing information.

Earning nearly 40 percent of the vote, Panda Software's Panda Antivirus for Exchange easily won a Readers' Choice Award for Best Antivirus—Mail Server software.

Panda Antivirus for Exchange scans and disinfects inbound and outbound email traffic in real time, integrating easily into all enterprise networks. Optimized in-memory scanning, combined with content filtering and its heuristic scan engine, make Panda Antivirus for Exchange one of the most complete antivirus solutions for Microsoft groupware servers.

Panda Antivirus for Exchange prevents infections from spreading inside or outside a company by detecting and blocking unknown viruses with its heuristic scanning and content filtering combination, keeping threats at bay without interfering with server communications. The product's VirtualFile technology scans all files in memory, including compressed files, and scans and disinfects viruses from the Public and Private Folders, Internet Mail Connector, and IMAP protocols. Managed remotely and centrally through a single interface, Panda Antivirus for Exchange updates itself automatically, without user intervention, minimally once a day. The UltraFast scan engine offers fast and optimized performance to provide stable antivirus protection.

Panda Software
Glendale, CA
(818) 543-6901
Price: Based on number of seats

For the best in encryption systems, our readers chose SecureDoc from WinMagic. SecureDoc disk encryption software provides full disk encryption to protect data on both laptops and desktops, including Windows system files, registry files, and temporary and paging files. SecureDoc is validated for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Algorithm, as well as the only disk encryption software to achieve FIPS-140-1 Level 2 from both NIST-USA and CSE-Canada (refer to http://csrc.nist .gov/cryptval/140-1/1401val2002.htm).

SecureDoc offers seamless integration with virtually all PKI systems and supports a wide range of tokens, including smart card and USB, all at pre-boot time. Additionally, SecureDoc can use password protection if so desired.

Available in a single user or Enterprise version, SecureDoc's innovative approach to keys and key files breaks away from the competition; it features remote password recovery without the vulnerability of "Master Passwords," which would endanger all PCs in an enterprise if compromised. The product's design, based on security industry standards such as PKCS#11, results in a secure, safe, and user-friendly encryption product.

WinMagic, Inc.
Mississauga, ON Canada
(905) 502-7000
Price: 1 to 24 users, $159 per user

When it comes to firewalls, our readers chose Sygate Technologies' Personal Firewall PRO as the leading product.

Award-winning and ICSA certified, Sygate Personal Firewall PRO's mission is to make user computers invisible to hackers, prevent inadvertent and unsafe computer changes from exposing valuable and sensitive personal information, and watch network traffic for hack attacks and block them. The firewall is built on Sygate's application-centric firewall technology, which enables you to protect your Internet connection without requiring that you create difficult or complicated security policies. Personal Firewall PRO alerts you to intrusion attempts by pop-up message or flashing system tray icon, or by email while you are away from your system.

The firewall also features an evidence logging system that records all Internet activities going through your computer, and it provides detailed information for identifying security holes or tracing down hackers. Developed by Sygate's Enterprise Research and Development labs, Sygate Personal Firewall PRO is a desktop security solution trusted by professionals and relied upon by millions of users.

Sygate Technologies
Fremont, CA
(510) 742-2600
Price: $39.95 per license or $47.95 per license with Upgrade Protection; Volume Pricing Discounts are available.

Keeping intruders at bay is a major concern for most administrators. The best preventive medicine, according to our readers, is NetIQ's Security Manager.

NetIQ Security Manager provides an enterprise-scalable incident management solution that enforces corporate policies to prevent unauthorized activity, detects, and alerts on potential breaches. Security Manager also responds automatically to threats before they can cause downtime, loss of confidential data, or inappropriate use of corporate resources.

Security Manager eliminates risks, improves availability, and lowers costs through real-time monitoring, consolidation, correlation, and reporting via an advanced central security console. In addition, Security Manager provides out-of-the-box knowledge that is easily extendable, to maintain security expertise and best practices.

NetIQ Corp.
San Jose, CA
(408) 856-3000
Price: $900 per server, $1,500 per advanced server, $35 per workstation, or $2,500 for operator or Web console.

NetIQ's Security Manager won its second Readers' Choice Award in the category Best Password-Auditing Software.

NetIQ Security Manager provides security consultants, corporate security teams, and IT administrators with an advanced central security console for real-time security event monitoring and automated response, host-based intrusion detection, event log consolidation, and security configuration management.

Security Manager is enterprise-scalable to thousands of servers and workstations and allows organizations to fully integrate and leverage security events from other security solutions operating in the enterprise. The product also offers an easily extendable, out-of-the-box Knowledge Base to maintain security best practices.

NetIQ Corp.
San Jose, CA
(408) 856-3000
Price: $900 per server, $1,500 per advanced server, $35 per workstation, or $2,500 for operator or Web console.

Whether you manage Internet, intranet, or extranet servers, you and your organization face a constant barrage of security threats. NetIQ's Security Analyzer, our readers say, is the key to identifying and eliminating the vulnerabilities that could allow such threats to become disasters.

NetIQ's Security Analyzer is a flexible, enterprise-scale vulnerability assessment and management product for Windows, Solaris, and Linux. This industry-leading product scans systems in your network for more than 2,300 vulnerabilities, providing reports and recommended fixes that can help you correct problems and comply with company security policies. The extensible architecture and flexible deployment options make Security Analyzer a good choice among enterprise vulnerability assessment tools.

NetIQ Corp.
San Jose, CA
(408) 856-3000
Price: 100-node Licenses, $60 per node. Please Note: A minimum of 20 nodes is required. Pricing per node for 250, 500, 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 nodes is available by contacting NetIQ.

Capturing nearly one-third of the vote in the category Best Third-Party Authentication Devices, RSA Security's RSA SecurID walked away with this Readers' Choice Award.

The RSA SecurID system is a leading two-factor user authentication solution, relied upon by thousands of organizations worldwide to protect valuable network resources. Used in conjunction with RSA ACE/Server software, an RSA SecurID authenticator functions like an ATM card for your network, requiring users to identify themselves with two unique factors—something they know and something they have—before they are granted access.

RSA SecurID authenticators are as simple to use as entering a password, but much more secure. Each end user is assigned an RSA SecurID authenticator, which generates a new, unpredictable code every 60 seconds. The user combines this number with a secret PIN to log into protected resources. More than 10 million people around the world use RSA SecurID authenticators to securely access VPN and Remote Access applications, Web servers and applications, network operating systems, and more.

RSA Security, Inc.
Bedford, MA
(781) 515-6200
Price: Volume dependent.

Our readers chose KaVaDo's InterDo as the best way to ensure the security of Web applications. InterDo is a next-generation Web application protection solution that uses a "business logic" approach to secure Web applications. By logging, alerting, and preventing attempted attacks, InterDo provides solid protection to all Web application environments without interfering with their regular operations.

InterDo's patented modular approach to security allows broader protection against current and emerging threats without compromising availability, flexibility, or scalability. It enables enterprises to leverage the benefits of Web applications without exposing additional vulnerabilities in the enterprise environment.

InterDo protects against a broad range of application attack categories such as SQL injection, parameter poisoning, and Web Services manipulation without requiring signature or rule updates. KaVaDo's application security solutions complement and extend existing IT security measures such as firewalls, IDSs, and PKI solutions, which are not designed specifically to protect Web applications.

New York, NY
(800) 239-3203
Price: Starts at $15,000

To manage their network's security technologies, our readers say they turn primarily to netForensics 2.3.

Operating as a management layer above existing security technologies, netForensics draws the entire network security landscape into a workable center of control. netForensics has pioneered innovative Real-Time Forensics technology to collect, correlate, analyze, and report the critical information needed to effectively investigate network events as they occur. This real-time information creates a proactive security environment that lets security administrators make quick, informed decisions to prevent damage from occurring.

Administrators protect their network investments through netForensics' real-time correlation and continuous analysis of millions of daily records generated by firewalls, IDSs, VPNs, and other security devices and applications. Administrators can access this information from any browser on an intranet and use netForensics to quickly and easily sort through large volumes of raw data to focus on high-risk threats. NetForensics is engineered to give security administrators the power to fully utilize their security investments to protect corporate assets and information.

Edison, NJ
(732) 393-6000
Price: Varies upon deployment.
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