Anything that Has Been Digitized is Not Private Because You Allowed It

Anything that Has Been Digitized is Not Private Because You Allowed It

There's lots of hubbub about the NSA's PRISM, and the newly uncovered covert program, Xkeyscore. However, more interesting than the reveal of the secret programs and the amount of power they wield, is the fact that without the public being desensitized to proper privacy and personal security measures through social networks like Facebook, the US government would have no data to glean. Our online societal activities have eliminated any valid reason for us to be appalled about anything the US government obtains and uses because we put it there, giving clear approval by blindly accepting the terms and conditions of a social realm. Without thoroughly reading the terms and conditions of web sites and comprehending the ease at which we forfeit our privacy (because all fine print looks the same), we are mindlessly feeding programs like PRISM and Xkeyscore with all the sustenance they need to thrive.

A new documentary has been released. Titled "Terms and Conditions May Apply," the new film highlights how major web sites are contributing your data willingly to be consumed by entities that benefit most by it. The film was released on July 12th, 2013 in NYC and is scheduled for several smaller theaters across the US up until September 22nd, 2013. Once the film has made the theater rounds, it will be made available for viewing online.

The official web site:

The current theater schedule:

Here's the trailer:

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