New Name and Format, Same Great Content—Plus Benefits

Back when Microsoft's server OS was still called Windows NT, a publication named Win32 Scripting Journal made its debut. This newsletter covered an area not visited by many before: scripting for systems administrators. Our goal for this newsletter was to provide administrators with the information and tools they needed to create scripts that made their jobs easier. A couple of years later, when Windows 2000 was making its splash, we changed the newsletter's name to Windows Scripting Solutions. The goal remained the same, but we expanded the newsletter's coverage to meet the changing needs of administrators who use scripts in their jobs. Now, Windows Scripting Solutions is evolving again to meet your changing needs for scripting information and tools. Starting in January, Windows Scripting Solutions will become Scripting ProVIP, an online-only source for scripting information and tools.

Benefits of Scripting Pro VIP Membership
As a Scripting Pro VIP member, you'll have access to the same great scripting content and the same practical code to help you automate your world.

Membership benefits include

  • weekly email or RSS notifications (you can specify the format depending on your preference) about new articles exclusively for Pro VIP subscribers.
  • a monthly email commentary and resource guide from the Scripting Pro VIP editor.
  • a monthly PDF file that contains all articles in that month's issue. Because we'll no longer have to try to squeeze each month's content into 16 pages, you won't have to contend with looking at only excerpts from scripts. You'll see the code in its entirety. Perhaps even better, the PDF file will be accompanied by all the code files (e.g., .vbs files, .bat files) for each issue, which means you won't have to look at the code online as you read articles anymore. (To avoid problems with antivirus and spam filters, we'll be changing the code files' extensions and letting you know how to change them back.)
  • the Scripting Pro VIP Web site, which will provide access to the latest scripting articles, including all code. Having full access to the site means you don't need to archive the PDF file and code files if you don't want to. The Web site will also include all archived articles from Windows Scripting Solutions, Win32 Scripting Journal, and the Scripting Central email newsletter.
  • a members-only forum, in which you can get help from peers and technical experts. This forum will be accessible only to Scripting Pro VIP members and authors, so you'll quickly get the answers you need.

Important Note for Subscribers
As the membership benefits point out, as a Scripting Pro VIP member, you'll get the information and tools you need delivered right to your inbox. So, if your email address has changed, it's crucial that you update it so that you receive the email updates about the latest Scripting Pro VIP articles, the PDF file and accompanying code, and other important membership information. To update your email address, contact customer service at [email protected] or 800-793-5697. (UK subscribers contact [email protected] or call 44-161-929-2800.)

Your Source for Scripting Help
Over the last nine years, this scripting newsletter has provided the latest information and tools you need to help you with your scripting endeavors. Scripting Pro VIP will continue to provide you with this information and tools—but now they'll be delivered right to your inbox.

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