Exploits Against Several Cisco Products

During the week of March 22nd source code was published that can exploit as many as nine vulnerabilities in various Cisco products. The code is written in Perl and takes advantage of weaknesses in widely used routers and switches. The release of the code could impact a vast number of users if appropriate mitigation steps are not taken.

Products affected include Cisco 600 series of broadband routers; various devices running Cisco ISO 11.1 through 12.1; Catalyst 3500, 4000, 5000, and 6000 series switches, as well as devices that use Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set, commonly referred to as Context Based Access Control (CBAC).

Cisco has released nine advisories regarding the vulnerabilities and administrators should review the advisories to ensure the appropriate steps have been taken to prevent attack. In addition, Cisco issued an advisory regarding the release of the exploit code. Links to the nine vulnerability advisories are listed within the exploit code advisory.

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