Windows Phone Gets OneDrive Update for Cortana Image Searches

Windows Phone Gets OneDrive Update for Cortana Image Searches

In addition to the usual "bug fixes and performance improvements," OneDrive for Windows Phone garnered an update overnight to bring Cortana integration on-board. It's probably no coincidence that the update comes on the heels of the announced partnership between Lenovo and Microsoft to improve Cortana for Windows 10 this year. Lenovo's participation will improve Cortana's reach across multiple, non-Microsoft storage platforms.

The OneDrive update is available now, pushing the app version to 4.12. With the update you can now search your OneDrive storage account using Cortana. Using Microsoft's recently announced photo recognition technology, Cortana can identify objects in photos and deliver just those that match your voice query.

Not using the OneDrive app? You can pick it up here: OneDrive for Windows Phone

It's a rare occurrence these days, but it's great to see Windows Phone receive features like this before iOS and Android. But, who knows how long even that will last with Microsoft rolling out Cortana to iOS and Android soon?

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