OneNote Updated for iOS, Mac

OneNote Updated for iOS, Mac

Some nice updates for those who walk on the dark side

Microsoft announced major updates to its OneNote app for both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Mac today. The updates allow users of OneNote for iOS and Mac to insert documents, PDFs, and audio/video files into notes, open, access, lock or unlock password protected sections, annotate over PDF printouts and more, Microsoft says.

"We are thrilled to announce today four major updates for OneNote for Mac, OneNote for iPad and OneNote for iPhone," Microsoft notes in a post to the Office Blogs. "Building on our recent updates in May, these enhancements make OneNote the best choice for taking notes and staying organized at work or school."

Here are some of the major changes in these app updates.

OneDrive for Business and Office 365 support. While there's still no standalone OneDrive for Business app for Mac, these updates to OneNote for iOS and Mac let users access their notebooks on OneDrive for Business, which is included with the business versions of Office 365.

Insert and view file attachments. You can insert and view files, including PDF documents (which can then be annotated), in your notebooks on iOS and Mac. (In iOS, you can insert pictures or documents you receive in the Mail app or other apps by selecting "Open in OneNote" from the Share pane.)

Compatible with password protected sections. This one was no doubt a big request given the emails I've received: You can now open password protected sections in OneNote for iOS and Mac. You can re-lock them after you're done editing, or they'll re-lock automatically after a few minutes.

Reorder notes and other items. Another big request, I bet: You can now reorder notes or move items around in OneNote for iOS and Mac.

Better copy and paste. OneNote for iOS and Mac now lets you copy formatted content from web sites or other apps and then paste it in your notes while preserving that formatting.

Email page enhancements. On OneNote for Mac only, you can now send notes in the message body of an email, instead of just sending as a PDF attachment.

Streamlined first run experience. On OneNote for iOS only, you will now be prompted to enter your Microsoft Account and/or Organizational Account information (Office 365 for business, typically) so you can configure each of location for your notes.

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