OneDrive will be integrated with Windows 10

OneDrive will be integrated with Windows 10

Since Windows 8 was released in the fall of 2012 one of the trends we have seen from Redmond is the removal of some functionality from the OS and it being added back through apps.

Microsoft has talked about this openly as it allows them to update services much quicker since it is just on the app level vice the entire OS.  We have seen the proof of this in many areas including apps like News, Sports, Finance, Music, Video and even OneDrive. In some cases updates are released weekly which is something we would have never seen in the past.

Well it looks like there is at least one app and its related service that will be making its way back into the Windows 10 operating system and away from being a separate app.

Over the course of this past weekend the Ring Master, Gabe Aul, was asked why OneDrive was not being shown off as a universal app and his answer was because it is being integrated into Windows instead:

In Windows 8.1 and current builds of Windows 10 you are prompted to setup OneDrive during initial setup but it is not a required step.

Based on this info from Microsoft it now sounds like this may no longer be an option.

Don’t get me wrong – I really like having access to my files on all devices because of OneDrive however, it has gone through some updates such as elective folder synching, etc. that need to remain part of this functionality.

I really hope we do not see Microsoft throw out the progress made with OneDrive over the last couple of years.

Hey, maybe this means place holders are coming back for files that are only available in the cloud.

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