Office 365 Video goes worldwide and mobile for business customers

Office 365 Video goes worldwide and mobile for business customers

While Office 365 Video has been out for a few months to a limited audience it is now available for all Office 365 Business customer everywhere in the world.

In addition to the worldwide roll out of Office 365 Video they are also releasing an iPhone app and making the service a more responsive on the mobile web.

Office 365 Video, too, is growing, providing organizations with a secure, company-wide destination for posting, sharing and discovering video content. And the video experience—embedded within Office 365—meets IT requirements and wins the hearts and minds of users.

The Office 365 Video for iPhone app is already available in iTunes and Microsoft has an entire page dedicated for using that app.

Interestingly enough no Android app yet for Office 365 Video because, according to Microsoft, they focused on the native iPhone app first and an HTML-5 player instead.

By the way, speaking of the HTML-5 player, it was created to make sure users can play video on their mobile browser no matter which device they choose to bring to work. Size of the screen is also not an issue because the pages supporting Office 365 Video have been made-over to be responsive and give you the best view of the video portal.

We all know Microsoft is soliciting and listening to feedback and Office 365 Video is no different. These are updates to the service that came about because of customer feedback:

  • Smarter “You may also like”—We increased the use of the Office Graph to make video recommendations more personal and relevant.
  • Share via email—In addition to easily sharing via Yammer, users can now click the mail icon from each playback page and send an email with a direct link to the video.
  • Built-in CDN—All videos are now backed by a built-in content distribution network (CDN) that improves playback performance across the globe.
  • More granular permissions management—Within channels, there are now three permission levels that can be assigned to users: Owners, Editors and Viewers. Plus, Global Tenant Admins now have admin access to all video channels.
  • Improved performance overall—All upload activity, channel creation and search crawls now result in a much faster user experience.

Read the entire Office 365 Video begins worldwide rollout and gets mobile post over at the Office 365 official blog.

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