Office 365 Administration Updates for June 2016

Office 365 Administration Updates for June 2016

Microsoft recently shared all of the updates they have shipped during June for the administration of Office 365.

According to the Office 365 team this months updates center around user management and exporting data.

The team also mentioned that they are taking a closer look at the current features for Office 365 admins in order to further improve the experience and functionality of the service.

Here is a quick snapshot of what was improved/updated last month.

- Getting Started Tips: You will now find tips on the Groups, Shared mailboxes, Rooms & equipment, Active Users and Contacts pages. The purpose of these tips is to make sure new and experienced admins maximize their use of the features of Office 365.

- User Management Capabilities: Easily export lists of active users plus the user cards now reflect an account users job title and department.

- License Management: You can now view which users have specific licenses assigned to them by sorting according to the assigned category for users.

- Suggested Next Steps: As you wrap up actions with users the admin portal will now suggest what the next step that might need to be done is and give you a link to that area.

- Managing Office 365 More Effectively Tips: Since Microsoft updates features every month on the admin dashboard these tips will help keep you up to speed with those changes. That will result in you being more aware of the capabilities you have at your fingertips.

Read more over at the Office 365 Blog and provide your own feedback on these and other features you would like to see.

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