KB2817630 Has Been Pulled

KB2817630 Has Been Pulled

I guess enough people had issues with the KB2817630 release that Microsoft has decided to pull it today. Whew – I'm glad, because I was afraid to install it myself!

We reported yesterday in Beware the Latest Office 2013 Updates that the update would cause the Folder Pane for Outlook 2013 to show an empty display. News of the update's problems spread quickly over Twitter and in Microsoft's own forums for Microsoft Office.

If you've installed this update and experiencing the issue, you should uninstall it.

The original page for the update is here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2817630/en-us

No word yet as to when Microsoft might update the page, when they will address the update, release a fix, or formally announce the removal of the update from the current round of downloadable updates.

Again, I can't go without mentioning how often Microsoft has had to pull new updates due to problems. We've been following the quality fiasco for some time and Microsoft has yet to produce a month where at least one patch doesn't cause issues for a number of customers.

I'm half tempted to throw a widget up on Windows IT Pro that is akin to a "Days Since Last Incident" sign like you would see at a production plant.


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