Get Office App Becomes Your Office 365 Hub on Windows 10


A few weeks ago it was rumored that one of the new features coming to Windows 10 Redstone 2, aka the Creators Update, would be a new Office Hub. It was believed that this hub would become the central location on Windows 10 for all things Office related on your system and across your devices.

Well, it turns out those rumors were pretty accurate and today we see that this new Office Hub is really just the infamous Get Office app, an out of the box app from Microsoft that basically advertises Office 365.

The name of the app still remains Get Office and has a beta tag on it but that is one of the last similarities between it and its Get Office predecessor.

As you will see in this gallery, the Get Office (Beta) now gives you access to all kinds of options for accessing Office related files, installing your software on devices, and tracking your Office 365 subscription account.

Prior to this app update, which is currently only available to Office 365 subscribers whom are also Windows 10 Fast Ring Insiders, I would always uninstall this app because it was of no use to me. However, with the new functionality this updated app might find a place on my Start Screen or Taskbar.

If you are on the Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring and have the Get Office app installed it should update from the Windows Store whn you next check for updated apps. Otherwise, just go to the Windows Store on that Fast Ring Windows 10 device and install the updated app.

There is no word currently on when this updated app will be made available for other builds of Windows 10 such as Current Branch or Current Branch for Business.

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