Bing U.S. Desktop search share rises above 20% in March

Bing U.S. Desktop search share rises above 20% in March

Yesterday, comScore released their March report for the desktop search engine market in the United States and it had some good news for Microsoft's Bing search engine.

While Google and Yahoo both lost .1 percentage point each between February and March other sites such as Ask and AOL stayed flat for the same period.

Bing on the other hand gained .3 percentage points to move from 19.8% in February to 20.1% in March. 

This is the first time Bing has ever surpassed the 20% level in U.S. search engine rankings.

In a measurement of search queries across the same sites Microsoft sites received 3.8 billion search queries in March compared to 3.4 billion in February - an increase of 11% overall.

Google continued to hold the dominant position with 12.1 billion search queries (up 11% from February) while Yahoo, Ask and AOL came in behind Bing with 2.4 billion, 332 million and 203 million respectively.

Microsoft continues to make Bing a key backend element for its personal digital assistant Cortana and its collection of Bing related apps that are available on Windows Phone, iOS and Android platforms.  Bing has also gained a reputation for being quite accurate predicting the outcome of sporting events and reality TV show competitions by using big data analytics and other search information in their Bing Predicts program.

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