New Products, August 2004


Select Individual Records for Migration

Red Gate Software announced SQL Bundle 3.15, a collection of the most recent releases of Red Gate's comparison and synchronization tools. In the latest release, SQL Compare 3.15 fixes problems with dependency information within databases. The software automatically scripts dependencies in the correct order even if SQL metadata in the sysdepends table is broken, which means you can recover your data when dependencies are lost or corrupted. Another SQL Bundle tool, SQL Data Compare 3.35, enables selective data migration; the tool lets you select individual records for synchronization during a migration. The latest release of SQL Data Compare also includes new options for disabling triggers, keys, and indexes during migration. The tools in SQL Bundle 3.15 work with SQL Server 7.0 and later releases, and pricing starts at $350 for single users. For a free trial version and information about volume discounts, contact Red Gate Software at 866-733-4283, [email protected], or

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Get Free MSDE Management Tools

White Bear Consulting announced a new free personal edition of MSDE Manager, a set of management tools for working with Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MDSE). The tools let you edit and execute SQL scripts; list, create, and drop logins; change passwords and update server and database roles; list, create, drop, restore, attach, and detach databases; list, create, and drop database roles and modify their memberships; and list, schedule, and drop automated backup jobs or T-SQL statements. You can download the free personal edition of MSDE Manager or a 30-day trial version of MSDE Manager ActiveX or .NET user controls at http:// Pricing for licensed copies of the utility starts at $42 for a single-server license. For more information and other pricing, contact White Bear Consulting at 61-7-3889-7558, [email protected], or http://

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Provide Easier Access to Distribution Data

Prophet 21 announced the latest release of CommerceCenter, its Windows-based SQL Server enterprise software solution. CommerceCenter 10.0 includes multiple new features, including audit trails, electronic document imaging functionality, and enhanced PDA capabilities. Audit trails let users see who modified data, when changes were made, and the new and old values of data. Document imaging lets users link documents such as vendor invoices, customer purchase orders, handwritten letters, and email messages to any transaction or maintenance record within the solution. Improved PDA support lets users integrate PDAs into processes to validate bar-coded items and receive documents. CommerceCenter 10.0 works with SQL Server 2000. For pricing and other information, contact Prophet 21 at 800-776-7438, [email protected], or


Maintain Realtime Replication and Synchronization

MARSYS announced Colada 4.1, software that lets enterprises manage disaster recovery, increase network reliability, prevent outages, and minimize downtime risks. Colada lets you maintain realtime data replication and synchronization across diverse LAN and WAN environments by using your existing hardware and software. The product creates a reliable, synchronous replication of transactions across all your databases within a logical pool without affecting your system performance and without the aid of clusters or other devices. Colada 4.1 works with SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and has been tested with SQL Server 2005 Beta 1. For pricing and other information, contact MARSYS at 800-883-7560, 800-796-6581, or

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