How do I configure a virtual server?

A. A. It is possible using Windows NT to bind multiple IP addresses to one network card and for each IP address it is possible to run a virtual domain server. The procedure below will add an IP address, add the new IP address as a domain and setup the new IIS virtual server.

To bind an additional IP address to your network card perform the following:

  1. Start the Network Control Panel Applet (Start - Settings - Control Panel - Network)
  2. Select the Protocols tab
  3. Select TCP/IP and click Properties
  4. On the "IP Address" tab click the Advanced button
  5. In the IP Address section click Add
  6. Enter the additional IP address and subnet mask you want the machine to respond to and click Add
  7. Click OK until you leave the network control panel applet
  8. Reboot the machine

You now need to configure the DNS server to respond to the new with the new IP address

  1. Start the DNS Manager
  2. (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - DNS Manager)
  3. From the DNS menu, select New Server and enter the IP address of the DNS Server, e.g., and click OK
  4. The server will now be displayed with a CACHE sub part
  5. Next we want to add the domain, e.g., from the DNS menu, select New Zone
  6. Select Primary and click Next
  7. Enter the name, e.g., and then press tab, and it will fill in the Zone File Name and click Next
  8. Click Finish
  9. Next a zone for reverse lookups has to be created, so select New Zone from the DNS menu
  10. Select Primary and click Next, enter the name of the first 3 parts of the domain IP +, e.g. if the domain was 158.234.26, the entry would be, in my example it would be, click tab for the file name to be filled and click Next, then click Finish
  11. From the DNS menu select new Host, enter the machine name and IP address, also select the create associated PTR record. Click Add and then Done.
  12. Next create the www.<domain>.com record. From the DNS menu select new record
  13. Select record type of CNAME, enter a alias name of www, and the actual host name, e.g. Click OK
  14. Exit the DNS server

Next update the IIS server to support the new domain

  1. Start the Internet Service Manager (Start - Programs - Microsoft Internet Server)
  2. Double click on the Computer name of the web server which will display the properties
  3. Click the Directories tab
  4. Click the Add button
  5. Enter the directory name and select the Home directory check box. Next check the "Virtual Server" box and enter the IP address you added in the first step. Click OK
  6. Click OK to close

You will now be able to browse to this domain. Under Windows 2000 (IIS 5.0)

  1. Start the Internet Service Manager (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Internet Services Manager)
  2. Right click on the computer and select New - Web site
  3. Click Next to the intro wizard
  4. Enter a description and click Next
  5. Select the IP address you added and click Next
  6. Enter the path for the root directory and click Next
  7. Select Permissions. Click Next
  8. Click Finish to complete the creation.

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