Wi-Fi Might Help Boost Residential UBW Technology Use

According to Parks Associates' " Unlicensed Broadband Wireless: Solutions and Applications" report, approximately 1 percent of all US broadband households currently use broadband wireless technologies. That means, according to a research analyst with Parks Associates, of the 21 to 22 million US broadband households, approximately 200,000 of them are using broadband wireless services. Although rural and underserved areas remain the largest components of residential markets for unlicensed broadband wireless (UBW) technologies, recent standards announcements and the popularity of wireless technologies might provide a boost to both industry and consumer support for UBW technologies.

            "The proliferation of Wi-Fi devices in the residential market and the announcement of 802.16 standards have rekindled the hope of using unlicensed wireless technologies to deliver last-mile broadband access," Yuanzhe (Michael) Cai, a research analyst with Parks Associates, said. "In actuality, demand for unlicensed broadband wireless products has been slowly building in the past two years, but market fragmentation may preclude large contracts and make the industry dependent on the growth of the number of wireless ISPs."

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