Why does AvantGo take so long to sync?

A. Try turning off the Autodetect function, which automatically looks at your current settings, such as if you're using a modem, Ethernet, or a wireless connection. From your desktop, click Start, Programs, AvantGo, and select Mobile Link. Select the Connection tab, click Change, and clear the "Automatically detect settings (recommended)" check box. If you connect to the Internet through a proxy server, you'll need to manually enter your proxy settings in Mobile Link. To manually enter your proxy settings, go to Mobile Link, select the Connection tab, and click Change. On the HTTP line, enter the following:

   Address: (enter your proxy server's address without the http:// portion of your server's address)
   Port: (enter your proxy server's port number) 

Click OK and try synchronizing your Pocket PC device again.

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