What's new in Windows Mobile 6.0?

A. Windows Mobile 6.0 (formerly code-named Crossbow) is available for many phones and offers a number of enhancements.

  • New Smartfilter technology lets you to start typing text when viewing your main mail screen, and as you type, only message subjects that contain the letters you're typing will appear.
  • Server Search lets you to find email messages that aren't stored locally on the phone when using Exchange 2007.
  • HTML email functionality is offered.
  • Calendaring is improved.
  • Hotkeys are available for most common functions.
  • You can encrypt storage card contents for use with only the smart phone.
  • Certificate management has been improved.
  • The visual look and feel have improved.
  • Office Mobile is now available on all editions of Windows Mobile, not just Pocket PC devices.
  • Internet Sharing permits easy access to the Web from a phone.
  • Enhanced Windows Media Player (WMP) with smart search capabilities lets you easily search large libraries of information.
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