Voice Command Makes Pocket PC Interaction Easier

A few weeks ago, I inadvertently and foolishly ignored the release of Voice Command for Windows Mobile 2003-based Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover at COMDEX what a valuable piece of software Voice Command is. Voice Command lets you use your voice (naturally) to interact with your Inbox, calendar, and contacts and with Windows Media Player (WMP); it speaks back to you by using a natural form of communication. For example, you can ask the device, "What's my next appointment?" and it will tell you. The software costs $39.99 at Handango ( http://www.handango.com ) and is worth the cost if you're one of those idiotic, er ah, busy people who feels the need to access your PDA and drive a car at the same time. Just don't try to use it on the plane next to me.

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