Viruses Jump From PCs to Mobile Devices

Docking your mobile device to your PC is no longer without considerable risk. The Mobile Malware Researchers Association (MARA) reported the first virus that can jump from a PC to a Windows CE or Windows Mobile device. The virus was sent to MARA anonymously.

The virus sits on a regular Windows system waiting for a mobile device to dock. Once a mobile device is detected the virus copies itself to that device and then erases all files in the "My Documents" directory.

According to information sent to MARA, along with the proof of concept virus were notes that said the virus was written in C# and that the virus would probably run on any Windows CE and Windows Mobile device that uses .NET Compact Framework 1.1. MARA dubbed the virus "Crossover."

A spokesperson for MARA said they would make "detailed analysis \[as well as the\] malware binary available to antivirus companies and security experts who qualify for
MARA membership ."

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