Splat! Dell Smartphone Back to Drawing Board

Wireless carriers have a lot of power these days. With so many devices on the market these days, we've seen carriers throw their weight around, snagging the full coverage of the industry's hottest devices and in turn picking up customers who are more concerned with the device itself than its carrier.

But, what recently happened to Dell was most surprising of all: the carriers all-but-crushed Dell's plans for a smartphone.

Apparently, the device (which was presented in both Windows Mobile and Android versions) wasn't cool enough to rouse our esteemed wireless carriers. Hello, when was Dell ever cool? Dell offers low-price, decent hardware--that's its claim to fame. Did you really expect the Dell phone to be the iPhone supercharged?

To be fair, I'm sure there's a whole lot more to the story than that. Not only was the device not cool, but it brought nothing new to the table. (And since "a really hot price" would constitute something new, I think it's fair to presume the price point wasn't all that compelling either.) "Better luck next time," the carriers said to poor Dell.

But don't fret, my cost-conscious friend. We may yet see the Dell smartphone pursuits come to fruition--Dell is back to the drawing board and is planning a more innovative device. So dude, you might be getting a Dell smartphone yet. Just not today, and probably not anytime soon.

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