Q. The screen saver does not work when you use a Wireless Optical Desktop mouse in a Windows XP with Service Pack 2?

When you use a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop mouse with the Microsoft IntelliPoint software on a Windows XP computer that has SP2 (Service Pack 2) installed your screen saver never invokes, even though you configured it.

This behavior will occur if the Dell PCM media program launcher service and the DVDLauncher service are running.

To change this behavior:

1. Configure the computer for a clean boot procedure.

2. Select the Startup tab in MSConfig.

3. Clear the check box for the PCMService and for DVDLauncher.

4. If the eTray or ehTray item is listed, clear their check boxes.

5. Press Apply.

6. Press Close.

7. Shutdown and restart Windows XP.

If the screen saver continues to never invoke:

1. Start / Run / TaskMgr / OK.

2. Select the Processes tab.

3. If ehtray.exe is listed, right-click it and press End Process.

4. When prompted, press Yes to end the process.

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